TavolinoMono X4 has been planned on a structure derived from a wheelbarrow which, thanks to the presence of a front wheel, is easily movable one from to another. Conceived and realized for the open air TavolinoMono X4 is a garden table, and has a flexible nature. The table can be easily moved by a single person: you can relax outside even in the heat of the day placing the table in the shadow under a tree in so avoiding artificial coverings. TavolinoMono X4 is structured with a wood plan (80 x 88 cm), mounted on a galvanized and baking painted iron structure (TGIC Free),awheel provided with an inflatable air chamber, and a comfortable integrated handle.

TavolinoMono X4 remind the carts of the street vendors, widely spread in all the villages of the Mediterranean until a few decades ago. It's an handicraft product, every TavolinoMono X4 is a unique, marked and identifiable piece.





TavolinoMono X4 boarding wood is in oiled ash tree, produced with ethical and social responsibility. The lumber comes from forests where logging is controlled, careful to the process of reforestation and rejuvenation of the forest, certified PEFC. The ash (fraxinus excelsior) is a hard and noble type of wood. The one employed for the TavolinoMono is subjected to a special thermal treatment: at 200°C the molecules of the sugars present in the timber are permanently modified up to a structural level greatly increasing the impermeability. The wood then becomes more resistant and less subject to swellings and dimensional shrinking, remarkably limiting the development of fungi and decayng. The planks used for TavolinoMono are perfectly finished up and have an excellent dimensional stability (density 670Kg/m3, hardness of 800N). To avoid the superficial oxidation of the wood, one or twice a year, oiling is recommended (1 oil pot is included). The planks have been fixed to the frame of TavolinoMono X4 with inox steel screws, with insert torx to secure a perfect hold, avoiding any imperfection.