TavolinoMono Clino is a folding table. TavolinoMono Clino has been planned on a structure derived from a wheelbarrow which, thanks to the presence of a front wheel, is easily movable one from to another. Conceived and realized for the open air Clino is a garden table, and has a flexible nature. The table can be easily moved by a single person: you can relax outside even in the heat of the day placing the table in the shadow under a tree in so avoiding artificial coverings. Relased the plane, the structure is free to rotate on its own axis, decreasing its heigh to 40 cm. Clino's dimensions are mm 670 x 850, height mm 700 and it is structured with two different planes, metal or wood mounted on a galvanized and baking painted iron structure (TGIC Free). Clino is provided by a classical wheel, with an inflatable air chamber, and a comfortable integrated handle.



TavolinoMono Clino remind the carts of the street vendors, widely spread in all the villages of the Mediterranean until a few decades ago. It's an handicraft product, every TavolinoMono Clino is a unique, marked and identifiable piece. To increase the stability of the table Clino is available the accessory support BaseF.
Clino win the A' Design Award 2015